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Contact us
  • Head office (本社)


    2002-2 Hatagasaki, yonago, Tottori 683-0845, Japan

    Tel +81-859-33-0633

  • Tokyo office (東京事業所)

    東京都品川区中延3-8-7 2F

    2F 3-8-7 Nakanobu, Shinagawa, Tokyo 142-0053, Japan

    Tel +81-3-5749-4031


About us

Wagashi produces by Marukyo, which inclues dorayaki, are nowadays extremely popular with overseas customers now that our pruducts are available in a variety of countries. We have slso been playing an active role in overseas trade show. Together with our local distributors we now intend to further expand our sales in Asia markets.


Our pruducts are available in a variety of countries.

Quality and Safety of Product

製品の品質と安全性 (日本製造)

“Marukyo’s WAGASHI tastes so good!” “The quality of Marukyo’s products can always be taken for granted.” Maintaining that kind of trust in our products by customers through creating “a credible brand ” was one of most important tasks for us a manufacturer. compatible sanitary management system covering the entire Line from manufacture to packing. Our factory produces the largest number of dorayaki in the world.


Quality and Safety of Product


Manufacture of Baked cakes with bean paste, Baked soft cakes with bean paste, Steamed cakes with bean paste, Wafers filled with bean paste and Packaging of baked sweets with bean paste (primary package: plastic).

Dorayaki Arrange Recipe

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